Education provides us with knowledge about the world.  It paves the way for a good career.  It helps build character.  It lays the foundation of a stronger nation. The Preston Campbell Foundation is passionate about working with Individuals, Families and Communities to promote awareness around the importance of good education both academic and cultural.


Are you interested in working in Hospitality and/or Tourism? Would you like to work in a cafe? Become a Barista? Gain Real Work Experience at Presto’s Training Cafe, Dreamworld No Cost to Eligible Participants 6 Week Training Program Work with Indigenous Foods Personal/Professional Development by Preston Campbell Assistance with Employment Opportunities Provided Limited Places Available.

About The Foundation

Established in 2016, the Preston Campbell Foundation is an endeavour of passion by Preston Campbell and the team he inspires.

The foundation supports Preston’s vision of developing programs and opportunities which inspire and mentor participants to achieve their aspirations and dreams by connecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples with their culture, sense of place and well being.

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Presto’s Training Cafe

‘Presto’s Training Cafe’ was established in March 2016 by the Preston Campbell Foundation, the cafe is a social venture which provides training and employment opportunities to individuals from all walks of life. ‘Presto’s Training Cafe’ was created in partnership with Dreamworld where the cafe is situated.

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