Presto’s Training Cafe

Presto’s Training Café
Are you interested in working in Hospitality and/or Tourism?
Would you like to work in a cafe? Become a Barista?

  • Gain Real Work Experience at Presto’s Training Cafe, Dreamworld
  • No Cost to Eligible Participants
  • 6 Week Training Program
  • Work with Indigenous Foods
  • Peronsal/Professional Development by Preston Campbell
  • Assistance with Employment Opportunities Provided
  • Limited Places Available

‘Presto’s Training Cafe’ was established in March 2016 by the Preston Campbell Foundation, the cafe is a social venture which provides training and employment opportunities to individuals from all walks of life. ‘Presto’s Training Cafe’ was created in partnership with Dreamworld where the cafe is situated. Participants who successfully obtain placement in the program are required to engage in service training four days per week as part of their Certificate II in Kitchen Operations.

During each program the Preston Campbell Foundation will recruit, induct and train between 8-10 participants over a six week period.

What makes ‘Presto’s Training Cafe’ so unique, is the practical experience each participant receives from their shifts within the cafe. Our cafe’s manager along with staff from the Preston Campbell Foundation assist in the day to day operations and mentoring of of each participant to ensure they are confident and ready to take on employment across a wide range on industries.

The cafe is a wonderful environment for anybody who is looking to increase their knowledge and skill set within the hospitality/tourism and retail industry. Barrister training is one of the primary skills acquired by participants throughout the course of the program. Front and back of house are also a key focus on training and development as customer service is paramount within an environment such as Dreamworld.