Preston Campbell Foundation

Established in 2016, the Preston Campbell Foundation is an endeavour of passion by Preston Campbell and the team he inspires.


Preston Campbell Foundation

The foundation supports Preston’s vision of developing programs and opportunities which inspire and mentor participants to achieve their aspirations and dreams by connecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples with their culture, sense of place and well being.

Social Ventures

Social ventures are a great way for not-for-profit organisations to operate successfully in the commerical market.


Fee For Service

Preston and his team enjoy sharing their experiences with people. Preston keeps his messages simple yet effective.



The education program covers a broad range of topics aimed at supporting local school students in choosing pathways to success.


Training & Employment

Established in 2017, Presto’s Cafe (IUIH) hosts a range of training and employment opportunities for the community.


Our Latest Ventures


Presto’s Corroboree Coffee

A smooth, full-bodied espresso. Cinnamon and nuts are found on the front palette, leaving a creamy finish.

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